Five Factors to Consider Concerning YOUR Cleaning Products

Cleaning products have become essential in the everyday life of the modern consumer. For this reason, the market continues to grow year on year - global sales of cleaning products are predicted to reach $147,000,000,000 in 2017. It may also be the reason that this market tends to be more resistant to downturns in the world economy than other sectors, such as construction and automobiles.

When looking to improve your companies image. Why not take a look at the products that you are using to clean and care for your employees and visitors at the same time.

  1. Performance

    Above all, a cleaning product must be effective and economical. Cleaning can be time-consuming so products which complete the task quickly and to a high standard are favorable.

    Products which combine their efficiency with innovative features have an advantage. As is the case in a number of other market sectors, the need to stand out from the competition is key for cleaning product manufacturers. The product itself should have innovative functions that establish the product as a market leader.

  2. Cost-effectiveness

    Businesses continue to cut back on staff, and are even finding cleaning companies that provide on-site cleaning and products, In many cases this can be an effective solution, however, most cleaning companies must purchase their supplies the same way that you do, then add extremely excessive markups to those products. Using First Choice Distribution to provide the Janitorial products will significantly lower your product costs.

    Continuing with this idea, products which serve more than one function are generally successful due to their perceived convenience factor. Customers who are looking after their money carefully or who have little storage space at the office will be attracted by the idea that one product can serve two cleaning purposes for them.

  3. Ease of use

    Dispensing units such as the ECO Proportioning system can allow customers to have quality products available when they need them for a reduced price-per-use. Other customers would rather have the convenience of RTU (Ready to use) products. The main issue with cleaning products continues to be that the users have enough training that allows them to use the product correctly, this allows for the most cost-effective use to always be used.

    Microfiber wipes are growing in popularity due to their cleaning capability and their ability to be reused.

  4. Environmental awareness

    Companies throughout the United States are concerned about their environmental footprint. They are more aware today than any other time of how their everyday activities are affecting our world. They are considering how the extraction, manufacture and disposal of cleaning products has a major effect on their energy and water consumption, and are looking for ways to minimize their wider impact. One example of this is the green cleaning products market.

    Legislation ensures all products meet basic environmental standards, but does not cover sustainability. For this reason, the race is on to develop sustainable cleaning products using detergent ingredients from natural renewable sources that cost and perform as well as being sourced from petrochemicals. Suitable renewable sources include palm, coconut and other plant oils.

  5. Fragrance, aesthetics and packaging

    As the market becomes more saturated, differentiators such as an attractive or pleasant fragrance have increased appeal. For consumers a pleasant fragrance is an added bonus indicating cleanliness. Conversely, a number of consumers may prefer cleaning products to be fragrance-free so as to not irritate skin.

    One of the most important factors of a cleaning product is efficacy, so packaging should showcase both the product's efficiency and quality. Similarly, many cleaning product packaging solutions are clear in order to allow the consumer to see the consistency and color of the products, which can be key indicators of perceived performance.

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